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2015 — CT/US
Subject: Rough Idea of Where Policy Will be on Sunday
Sender Sheryl Kaczmarek
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Date 19 September 2015 6:19 PM

Text of message:

Hi Folks!

Thanks for putting up with the craziness and for staying remarkably close to on time all day. Electronic ballots really do help keep things on time and we will try to stay with them on campus tomorrow for anyone who is using them (and introduce some new folks to the process). I will scan and upload any paper ballots I have accumulated today and again tomorrow and upload them to Tabroom at the end of the tournament.

The main purpose of this message is to let you know where we will be tomorrow, in a general sense, so you can begin planning now. I will send a shorter and less picturesque note later, when I have exact room numbers for Tab, student lounge, judge lounge etc. There will be hospitality there for judges. I will ask what sort of food will be available for students. Please remember that Round 5 starts at 8 a.m. We need to behave as if there are speech elims moving into our rooms as soon as we finish with them, because it might be true.

My cutting and pasting tool is less excellent on this computer than it is on the one I left in Boston, or more precisely, I am not quite sure how to use it (I forgot the pesky screen shot command), but the key thing is that our headquarters tomorrow will be on Science Hill in the Watson Center. This is NOT very close to the Old Quad on the Yale Campus (as in, I intend to have our bus drop my policy folks and myself up there). The address and a rough view of the sorts of buildings we are likely to use is reproduced below. You can no doubt get yourself a better PDF of the area, or just let your GPS be your guide.

Thanks! Sheryl

Watson Center 60 Sachem Street New Haven






















Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in: Policy Debate Policy Debate judges