Yale Invitational

2015 — CT/US
Subject: Important Speech announcements!
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Date 17 September 2015 10:03 PM

Text of message:

Some final details

1. Remember, if you can't make in person registration before 4, you need to call in your registration to confirm any drops or changes BY 6 PM. The number to call is 475-209-6439. Once you call in your registration, you can pick up registration material and pay between 7 and 8.

2. We will post schematics and judge assignments for Saturday hopefully between 8 and 9 tomorrow night on tabroom. I will send out a blast when the schematics are live. All it is critical that I say that ALL JUDGES ARE OBLIGATED FOR ALL ROUNDS OF THE TOURNAMENT, tt looks like most judges will be judging in 3 to 4 slots of the 8 slots of the prelims of the tournament and be on standby for one additional round. I will send out the standby lists in the email that I let people know schems are live.

It is critical that all judges assigned for a time slot are in the judge call room (LC 211) 20 minutes PRIOR to the start of the round. If you are not there by 20 min PRIOR and we call your name, we will push your ballot and fine your school.

On Saturday night, I will do my best to partition judges between the quarters, semis and finals pools so that people know when they are expected on Sunday. But, to be clear, technically ALL JUDGES ARE OBLIGATED FOR ALL ROUNDS ON SUNDAY.

Tournaments work because our community comes together to do what's right for kids. A key component of that is being there to pick up ballots on time.

3. Please tell all double entered students that they DO NOT NEED TO GO SIGN IN TO BOTH CATAGORIES if they have two at the same time. They should go first where they are listed earlier, speak, and then go immediately to their next category.

Double entered extempers will likely speak early in the draw for any slot where they are double entered. They will do extemp first and then their other category.

4. The schedule for the tournament is as follows (we will do a quick judge instruction at the start of the first two judge calls)


Slot 1 - 8:15 AM (7:55 AM judge call) - OI (prose), OO, DI, HI, DUO

Slot 2 - 9:45 AM (9:25 AM judge call) - EXT (draw at 9:15), OO, DI, POI, DUO

Slot 3 - 11:30 AM (11:10 AM judge call) - EXT (draw at 11), OI (poetry), DI, HI, DUO

Slot 4 - 1:30 PM (1:10 PM judge call) - EXT (draw at 1), OI (prose), OO, HI, POI

Slot 5 - 3:00 PM (2:40 PM judge call) - EXT (draw at 2:30), OO, HI, DUO

Slot 6 - 4:30 PM (4:10 PM judge call) - EXT (draw at 4:10), OI (poetry), OO, DI, POI

Slot 7 - 6:00 PM (5:40 PM judge call) - OI (prose), DI, HI, POI, DUO

Slot 8 - 7:30 PM (7:10 PM judge call) - EXT Octas, POI (ALL JUDGES NOT ASSIGNED TO SLOT 7 WILL BE ON CALL FOR SLOT 8)

Breaks to first elim are calculated using the best 4 prelim scores and then recips as the second tie break. Breaks to additional break rounds is the cumulative sum of all ranks (minus lowest prelim rank) with recips being the first tie break, ranks in elims being the second tie break and recips in elims being the third tie break. It is the tournament's philosophy that, wherever possible, we will try to break clean on ranks without using recips.

Extemp will break to an octas of 8 rooms but probably only 5 students per room on Saturday night


OO and OI will break to a large quarter of five rooms

DI and HI will break to a quarter of four rooms

Duo will break to a large semi (either 3 rooms of 5 or 2 rooms of 7)

POI will break to a regular semi.

Quarters - 10:30 AM (Judge call at 10:10 AM) - EXT (draw at 10), OI (poetry), OO, DI, HI

Semis - 12:30 PM (Judge call at 12:10 PM) - EXT (draw at 12), OI (prose), OO, DI, HI, DUO, POI

Finals - 2:30 PM (Judge call at 2:10 PM) - EXT (draw at 2), OI (poetry), OO, DI, HI, DUO, POI

Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in: Dramatic Duo Extemp Humorous Oral Interp Oratory Program Oral Interpretation