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2015 — CT/US
Subject: Yale Parli General Assembly 8AM Saturday
Sender Everett Rutan
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Date 16 September 2015 9:58 PM

Text of message:

I hope that this email will catch all teams before they travel.  I will send a final emal on Friday afternoon if there are any changes.

Please note the following:

1.  I posted the three files I mentioned in my last email over the weekend, but I've received several emails suggesting not everyone is aware of them.  You can find them to the lower right on the main Yale Invitatiional page on tabroom.com:  Parli Operational Instructions, Parli Judge Instructions, Parli Style guide.  Please make sure your debaters and judges have read them.  I will have hard copies on Saturday morning, but you probably won't have any time to read them before the first round starts.  

2.  General Assembly will be in Sterling Chemistry Lab Room 110.  Sterling Chem Lab (SCL) is across the walk/driveway from Sterling Physics where we have held GA the past two years.  The address of SCL is 225 Prospect Street.  You can find an interactive map of the Yale campus here:  http://map.yale.edu/map/#reset .  SCL is toward the top in the area labeled Science HIll.  We will start promptly at 8AM.  All teams and judges must attend.

I do not know where we will be on Sunday, but usually it is closer to the center of campus.

3.  If you are driving, there are several Yale parking garages and lots which are sometimes open on weekends, and may or may not be open as late as we may be there on Saturday.  You can also park on the street for the whole day, but be aware that the parking meters are active on Saturday and the New Haven Police do check (as I found out one year for $20).  

4.  Saturday will be a long day--my apologies.  If we stay on time all day, the fifth round will start at 5PM and the second flight won't get out until 7PM.  I know of very few large tournaments like Yale that manage to stay on time.  So please make sure your teams and judges--especially those of you from Connecticut who plan to sleep at home on Saturday night--understand this.  Do not plan or expect to leave early on Saturday.


If you have any questions please email me directly.  It's much easier to clear things up before we start than in the (extremely well organized) chaos on Saturday morning.


Everett Rutan

Parli Tab Director 


Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in: Parliamentary Debate