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2015 — CT/US
Subject: Important SPEECH information
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Date 15 September 2015 1:36 PM

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Hello all,

I hope everyone is getting excited for this year's Yale Invitational. A few notes....

1) At 1:30 PM, I recoded the entire speech tournament. Therefore, if you have any piece of paper that you downloaded prior to 1:30 PM on Tuesday that has codes for either competitors or judges, IT IS INCORRECT. THROW IT OUT. The codes that are published now are the codes that we wil be using for the tournament.

2) If you have no debaters at this tournament, we ask that you CALL IN your drops or changes BEFORE 6 PM on Friday. You can still come in from 7 - 8 PM to registration to pay and pick up materials, but we need that information earlier. I will email again when I have that number for you to contact.

3) The Extemp Prep room is again LC102. Remember that students will not have any absolute right to access outlets in the room so they should be powered up and ready to go if you use computers for prep.

The Extemp topic areas are (in no particular order):

Prelims: Election 2016, U.S. Foreign Policy, International Conflicts, U.S. Econ, Foreign internal politics

Out rounds: U.S. Politics (non election), Foreign Econ, Domestic Social 

Finals: We will announce this topic area in the prep room.

4) Please delete any students from the waitlist at this point unless you are ok with finding out as late as Thursday if we can accomodate them. If I release someone into the tournament, and you don't want the slot, please contact me so I can remove them. If you remove them, you will be charged a drop fee since it's after the deadline, but obviously that would be unfair. Hence, contact me.

5) CONFLICTS!!! It the the AFFIRMATIVE OBLIGATION of each coach to communicate to me if any of their judges has ANY CONFLICTS with ANY of the students/teams in the pool. If I have to replace your judge because a conflict arises during the tournament, your school will be assessed the fine as if your judge did not show up.

We want to run a fair tournament. That means that all students should feel like they have an equal opportunity when they walk in to compete. Therefore, if you are thinking, "I'm not sure if this is a conflict...", it is. Email me those conflicts and I will enter them.

6) Round one of prose/poetry will be PROSE.

I will email again when the slot schedule is nailed down and when I have the registration number.

Get excited,

Joe Vaughan
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Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in: Dramatic Duo Extemp Humorous Oral Interp Oratory Program Oral Interpretation