Yale Invitational

2015 — CT/US
Subject: Parli Style and Operations
Sender Everett Rutan
Recipients Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in: Parliamentary Debate
Date 12 September 2015 12:12 AM

Text of message:

We have one week to go, and I'm excited as we have the largest and most diverse field ever for Parli.  I plan to post three files on the tournament web site (as soon as I find the right way to do it):  a style guide, judge instructions and an explanation of how we will operate on Saturday.  They should be posted over the weekend.  Please look for them, review them and make sure your debaters and judges are aware of them.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions for changes, please email me.  There will be hardcopies available on Saturday morning (but probably no time to read them).

In the mean time, please make sure your debaters and judges are aware of the following:

1.  We generally follow the style of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA), the league the Yale Debate Association belongs to.  You can find their guide to parliamentary debate at http://www.apdaweb.org/guide .  The main APDA website also has links to videos of college parliamentary debates.

2.  We will generally use straight motions with a policy orientation, similar to those used at past Yale Invitationals.  They have been posted with the results for prior years, but I don't seem to be able to find them.  However, you can also find the motions for past tournaments at the Connecticut Debate Assocition web site, http://ctdebate.org , by selecting "Past Years Results" from the right hand menu and selecting the year you want from the "Materials" column on the history page.  Note:  we try not to repeat motions, so these are examples only.

3.  Past practice and my personal preference is that judges not disclose their decision at the end of each round.  I believe it negatively affects how debaters perform in later rounds and can lead to unecessary friction.  However, I know many prefer judges to disclose.  Discuss this with your teams.  If there is a groundswell for disclosure then we will give it a try.  

4.  While tabroom.com permits electronic ballots, we will likely use hardcopies on Saturday.  However, we will post schedules and motions round by round, so please make sure your debaters and judges know how to access the tournament web site and are registered to receive messages if they want access.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at any time, ejrutan3@ctdebate.org .  




Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in: Parliamentary Debate