Yale Invitational

2015 — CT/US
Subject: Yale Waitlist -- Speech reminders
Sender Michelle Kelrikh
Recipients All Registrants of Yale Invitational
Date 9 August 2015 12:53 PM

Text of message:

Hello everyone,

Just another word on some rules about speech entries.

1. No one can double entry in Congress and Speech, same with Debate and Speech.

2. No speech student can be triple entered. We will be emailing you to find out which two events you want, if we receive no response, we will randomly drop one event. 

3. Our ability to give more slots of speech is dependent on making a mock schedule and seeing if we have slack, in addition to people dropping. In some events, like OO and EXT, it is possible that we will not admit any more students in order to keep the break reasonable.

Thanks for your patience.


Michelle Kelrikh and Philip Groenwegen 

All Registrants of Yale Invitational