ADA Nationals

2015 — GA/US
Subject Some Announcements for Tomorrow
Sender Adrienne Brovero
Recipients All Registrants of ADA Nationals
Sent Saturday 14 March 2015 at 9:47 PM
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The building will not open until 7:30 am tomorrow. First elim will start at 8:15.

First elim of the morning flip rule: A representative from each team must be available at least 30 minutes before the announced start time of the first elimination round of the morning. If said representative is not available and the debate is a flip-for-sides debate, the team that is present may choose their side for the debate.

Elim pairing will be released tonight (without panels). List of judges anticipated as well. Pairing with panels at 7:30 am.

Tab room will be relocating tomorrow to MLC 248, for variety's sake.



All Registrants of ADA Nationals