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Subject: Prefs for Regionals - Judge Change
Sender Melissa Mistretta
Recipients All Registrants of CEDA East Regionals at WCSU
Date Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 9:43 PM

Text of message:

Hi All,

There has been a judge change. Ken DeJohn will be replacing Minjae Kim. His judge philosophy is below. If you have already completed your prefs, please be sure to go back and rank Ken. We look forward to seeing you all in Danbury this weekend.



Ken DeJohn - NYU

I'm an open college debater with 4 years of highschool policy debate experience.

In general, I'll be your flow-bot. General preferences include total and consistent clarity, depth over breath, unconditional respect for everyone in the debate, etc. Also, while I don't weight evidence over analysis, I won't weight analysis unless it finds some evidentiary support (even if that means just giving examples). 

Affs/Performance: I'll protect the 2nr from total 2ar recharictarization of the debate. Other than that, run whatever you want. 

Kritiks: I'm decently well read, and this means I'll tend to "do work for you" without even knowing that I'm doing so; that is, I understand the jargon. That being said, I will not do any work for teams failing to apply their K to the particularity of the aff. K debate is about framing the relationship of the impact and the link. 

CP/DA/case: I'm game. Despite that I read and deploy the K more often, I actually prefer this type of debate because it almost always inevitably involves more clash. Be creative. Impact calc is a must. I'll read your evidence. Brink threshold and internal link magnitude are important yet unfortunately often absent from rebuttals.

T/Procedural: Debate this like disads. Make an interpretation and give reasons to prefer it AND reasons why it solves the other teams offense. Carded topical version of the aff wins vs a lot of K affs. 

All Registrants of CEDA East Regionals at WCSU