Yale Invitational

2014 — CT/US
Subject VLD glitsches
Sender Jim Menick
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Sent Saturday 20 September 2014 at 3:15 PM
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Odd situations require explanations.


The procedure for pairing rounds is to insure that, first, people on the bubble, down 2 in other words, get their best ranked judges. While the system is pretty good at doing this on its own, there is also a little cleanup necessary to make sure that it is done perfectly.


For round 4, we meticulously cleaned up the pairings, then had a server crash (not here but where tabroom is housed). When the system came back up, the pairing that was released was not the one we had cleaned up. (We have no idea why, nor have we ever seen this before.) As a result, a handful of people on the bubble got not only less than the best judge we could give them, but judges we had explicitly promised not to assign back when we outlined how MJP would be applied.


This was a dilemma. The tab staff agreed that it was really not fair that debaters get knocked out of the tournament by judges we promised would never be in a position to knock them out. We decided to double-bye the 6 debates in round 4 where this occurred. This insured that none of these debaters was eliminated from potentially breaking because of a system crash. Points would be assigned by the normal bye process of averaging total points. Of course, while someone might have gotten more points from a judge in the round that actually happened, those points were assigned by a judge you explicitly told us you didn’t want in that round. And of course, the more important issue is staying live rather than being eliminated. (Given that, as I understand it, last year’s Yale champion in VLD lost his first two rounds, keeping down-twos alive is a real issue.)


As anyone can tell, processing the tournament has slowed down a lot. We’re wary of further issues, and honestly, the host server has continued being unkind to us. With luck we’ll get the kinks out and get back on track for the rest of the day.


Sorry for the confusion.

Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in: Varsity LD Varsity Lincoln-Douglas judges