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2014 — CT/US
Subject Some further LD details
Sender Jim Menick
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Sent Thursday 18 September 2014 at 9:28 AM
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Howdy. I thought I'd just fill out a couple of details in the latest packet.

This is extremely important: all your debaters, coaches, judges, caterers, dance instructors, general myrmidons, etc., should be connected to tabroom.com. All announcements of rounds, all important information, all everything and then some, will be sent via tabroom.com to registered tabroom.com accounts. The little date note on the top of my screen as I type this indicates that this is 2014, implying that there really isn't much excuse for not being plugged in anymore (unless you're over on line at Yale's Apple store picking up your new 6+, in which case all is forgiven provided you also pick one up for me).

We will not be using e-ballots. The idea of doing it on campus and then not doing it at Hillhouse and then doing it again when we're back on campus is just too much of a mare's nest. If, miraculously, Hillhouse turns out to have incredible wifi after all, then we'll reconsider.

Judging obligation, as noted, is through doubles, or one round past your participation, whichever is greater. This means that if you have debaters in the JV doubles round on Saturday night, you are obligated to appear on Sunday morning, even if your debaters drop. And it means that all VLD judges must be available on Sunday morning for doubles, whether you're in it or not. If you have a hardship with this, please remember to explain to me how that hardship would have played out if your debaters were still in the tournament.

VLD prefs close tomorrow morning. If for some reason you haven't gotten them in by then, we'll try to accommodate you at some point during the tournament when we have free time. Those of you who have ever watched a tab room in operation may detect a note of sarcasm in that previous sentence, but, well, stuff happens and people don't always get prefs in on time, and we will try to help, but don't expect too much.

And for VLD people, this is important. As you may know, I have for a long time been a strict constructionist on mutuality, the Antonin Scalia of MJP. I have stubbornly interpreted the word mutual according to what it says in the dictionary, as compared to some interpretations I have heard from coaches whose students just got assigned a 5-5. However, having done some serious analysis that you may find interesting (http://www.debatecoaches.org/blog-1/some-interesting-statistics-on-mjp-in-ld), I have come to realize that, aside from rounds out of contention, pairings less than 3-3 are extremely rare. Given their rarity, I have taken a more classically utilitarian view of the situation. Hence, assignments will be prioritized 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 1-2 or 2-3, 4-4, whatever, 5-5. Reading this, says you, I don't understand the "1-2 or 2-3" thing. Which is it? Well, we'll default to 1-2, but I know there are coaches who, in this situation, would prefer a 2-3 (based on the idea that in the other situation, you might be getting one of their 1s). If you would prefer the 2-3 over the 1-2, send me an email and we'll make a note of it for when and if the situation arises. Given that over 90& of all assignments are 1-1 and 2-2 from my analysis, and the large judge pool at Yale, this shouldn't happen very often.

And there we are. The weather prediction for the weekend is absolutely gorgeous. Let the games begin!

Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in:JV LD Varsity LD JV Lincoln Douglas judges Varsity Lincoln-Douglas judges