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2014 — CT/US
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Sent Tuesday 16 September 2014 at 5:53 PM
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Hello all,


This email has a number of important pieces of information for the SPEECH portion of the tournament. I know there is a tendency to skim long emails but this one is worth the read.


We are trying to put together the best tournament for everyone, but that means we need your help to make it all work!


1) You must either register in person at Dwight Hall OR call to confirm your registration by 4 PM (203-440-8821). The later registration (6 PM – 7 PM) time is merely to pick up packets and to pay. We need to have a clear sense of who is in the tournament as early as possible.


2) If you already printed your codes, THROW OUT THAT SHEET OF PAPER. The tournament was recoded this afternoon. (When people are late added, the codes get messed up so it is more sensible for us to recode). The codes that are up on tabroom as of 6 PM Tuesday are CORRECT.


3) A limited number of schematics will be posted in the LC. Your best source of information is tabroom.com. Coaches, please make sure all of your judges and competitors know how to navigate tabroom to find schematics.


Schematics will go live by hopefully 8 PM on Friday as long as everyone registers in person or calls in by 4 PM.


To access them, go to this link:




and then select the “Pairings” tab. From there select your event and round.


4) Coaches should make sure that someone who will be at the tournament is receiving emails from the tournament. During the tournament, we will be blasting out information and if no one who is on campus is getting those emails, it could cause communication issues.


5) Extemp prep will be in LC 102. The extemp rounds will be (in no particular order)

Prelims: Europe and Asia, Africa and the Middle East, International Economics, 

US Foreign Policy, Domestic Social

Elims: Domestic Econ, The 2014 Election, International Organizations

Finals: Undisclosed


6) The speech judge call will occur in LC211. Judge call for a round will begin a half hour prior to the scheduled start time of the round. Therefore, for the 8 AM round, all judges assigned to that round should be in LC 211 by 7:30 AM. Ballot return will be next door in front of LC 209.


We will attempt not to give folks back to back rounds to avoid delays.


7) We are running an Octafinal in both Extemp and Oratory due to the size of the categories. The only way to do this is to run this concurrently with Slot 8 at 7:30 PM Saturday. Therefore, ALL SPEECH JUDGES ARE OBLIGATED TO BE AT THE 7:00 PM judge call. Those that judge in slot 7 will hopefully not be needed for this round.


8) Here is the present schedule for speech that supersedes any other:



1 PM – 4 PM – In person registration (Dwight) OR call to register at (203-440-8821)

6 PM – 7 PM – Late pick up of packets and payment (Dwight)


All extemp draws begin 30 minutes prior to the start times of these rounds.



Slot 1 - 8 AM              – Judge call 7:30 AM               – DI, HI, OO, OI (Prose)

Slot 2 – 9:45 AM        – Judge call 9:15 AM               - DI, EX, OI (Poetry), DUO

Slot 3 – 11:30 AM      - Judge call 11:00 AM              - EX, OO, OI (Prose), DUO

Slot 4 – 1:30 PM         - Judge call 1:00 PM               - DI, HI, EX, OO

Slot 5 – 3:00 PM         - Judge call 2:30 PM               - HI, EX, OO, OI (Poetry)

Slot 6 – 4:30 PM         - Judge call 4:00 PM               - EX, OO, OI (Prose), DUO

Slot 7 – 6:00 PM         - Judge call 5:30 PM               - DI, HI, DUO

Slot 8 – 7:30 PM         - Judge call 7:00 PM               - DI, HI, DUO, EXT octa, OO octa


Lists of clearing competitors will be published as soon as we have them. This ought to be about 30 minutes after we get the last ballot from a category. We will post room assignments for Sunday morning on Saturday night by approximately 10 PM. An email will go out to all schools when we do post this information.



Quarterfinals   – 10:30 AM     – Judge call 10 AM     - DI, HI, EX, OO, OI (Poetry)

Semifinal         - 12:30 PM      – Judge call 12 PM     - All events (OI Prose)

Final                - 2:30 PM        - Judge call 2 PM        - All events (OI Poetry)


9) Reminder that all judges are obligated for all rounds. That being said, we want this experience to be a solid, educational one for all. Therefore we are going to try to do the following:


a) During prelims, we will attempt to use all school judges in every other round so no one has back to back rounds. Hired judges should expect to come to ALL judge calls.

b) We will attempt, as we did last year, to publish a list of the judges that we want to come to the Quarterfinal judge call on Saturday night. During Quarterfinals, we will post who we will need for the Semifinals and who we will need for the Finals.




Your tab staff

Schools registered for Yale Invitational with entries in:Dramatic Duo Extemp Humorous Oral Interp Oratory Speech judges