Yale Invitational

2014 — CT/US
Subject Yale update
Sender Jim Menick
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Sent Tuesday 2 September 2014 at 9:06 AM
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For many folks the most important issue remains the waitlist. The total number of entries still waitlisted is 620. That's bigger than most actual tournaments! The only way we can add students into the tournament is if other students drop. There is nothing we can do about this, except keep an eye on things and put in people as soon as spots open up. If you have spots that you know you are not going to use, please drop them as soon as possible to enable others to plan accordingly.


Please remember that this Friday at noon, all TBA entries will be deleted. If you have accepted entries with TBA names, please put in real names, as we will not be able to reinstate lost entries. With luck, this should clear some of the cobwebs for those 620 folks on the waitlist (or what will be left of them when they too lose their TBAs).


We will soon be filling hired judge requests. There will not be enough judges to supply all requests, so we strongly recommend you secure your own competent judges for the tournament. We cannot accept entries that show up at registration without judging covered one way or the other.



All Registrants of Yale Invitational