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2020 — Online, US
Subject MS Judging Now Open - Due Friday!
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Sent Monday 8 June 2020 at 3:53 PM
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Thank you for participating in the Middle School Speech Challenge, presented by Summit Debate! Judging is now open. Please read the reminders below and make a plan to complete your assignments by June 12!

Timeline: Judges have been assigned a series of preliminary rounds to judge. Please complete your judging in a timely manner. You may complete your assignments at your leisure, but you have your ballots submitted by 4:00 p.m. CT on June 12! Please don't wait until the last minute in case you experience technical issues. Failure to complete a judging assignment in full will result in a loss of judge bond and $400 fine for your school for each assignment that is not completed.

Accessing Judging Assignments and Ballots: Watch this brief instructional video on judging rounds for the Middle School Speech Challenge. All you will need to judge is the ability to log in to your Tabroom.com account. There, you'll find your judging assignments and ballots. Each ballot will have direct links to the student videos you are adjudicating in that round. You will click "Start", read the instructions on the ballot, open the video of the first student listed, watch their performance, and then do the same for the second speaker, third speaker, and so on. All recordings for one round should be watched in one sitting.

Providing Appropriate Feedback: All judges should take our cultural competency training (video and handout) found at speechanddebate.org/judge-training. Please consider the organization's value of equity as you offer balanced, appropriate feedback to help our middle school students grow their talents! As you know, recording speeches in front of a camera is a very different experience from live performances. Do NOT comment on a student's living space; their surroundings are irrelevant to their performance! Some students' performances may be shot with a higher-quality camera than others; please offer criticism of the performance ONLY and not the camera angle, natural or artificial lighting quality, or other factors outside of the students' control.

Thank you so much for judging! We are excited to honor the growth and achievements of our middle school competitors, and we could not do it without your time and expertise!

More Tournament Info

Online Program Book: Additional tournament information is available in the online Middle School Speech Challenge program book and the tournament procedures!

Showcase: The top students in each event will be named as National Middle School Showcase Finalists, and their recorded performances will be made available as unjudged rounds on our website as a resource and celebration. Be sure to tune in to our live Awards Ceremony at 7:00 p.m. CT on Friday, June 19 to see us announce middle school showcase students and National Tournament champions in high school debate events.

Tournament : NSDA Middle School Speech Challenge
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