NSDA Middle School Speech Challenge

2020 — Online, US
Subject Middle School: Electronic Signatures
Sender National Speech and Debate Association
Recipients All Registered Schools With Entries
Sent Thursday 21 May 2020 at 10:20 AM
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Dear coach,

Thank you for registering for the Middle School Speech Challenge, presented by Summit Debate! We look forward to your team's participation. I'm reaching out with a reminder that, based on legal recommendations for using student recordings in an online platform, we can only allow documents to be signed electronically if the student(s) represented on that document are age 13 or over. Please double check the release forms and Entry Agreement form for students under the age of 13!

If students are under the age of 13 and their forms were signed electronically, please download the Entry Agreement form (one per school) and Media Release form (one per student) and ask the appropriate parties to sign them by hand. You can upload new media release forms directly to Tabroom.com on the Entries tab. Please send new entry agreement forms directly to victor.torres@speechanddebate.org for upload. Students under the age of 13 may not compete in their forms have electronic signatures. We know it can be a challenge to obtain signatures during this time, and we appreciate your work!

If all students represented on your forms are age 13 or older, no action is needed.

Thank you!
Lauren Burdt

Tournament : NSDA Middle School Speech Challenge
Email sent to: All Registered Schools With Entries