National Debate Coaches Association National Championship

2020 — Bloomington, IN/US
Subject NDCA National Tournament - Cancellation
Sender Shunta Jordan
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Sent Tuesday 10 March 2020 at 6:37 PM
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Good evening.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to complete the NDCA survey sent out earlier today. We appreciate your feedback as it has helped us proceed in a timely fashion.

Based on the survey results and communication with Indiana University, the NDCA Board has decided to cancel the 2020 National Tournament. While this was a difficult decision, we felt it was the correct one given growing concerns related to the Coronavirus.

We know that many of you have made plans (airfare, rental cars, hotels, etc) and our hope is that you will be able to recoup most, if not all of, those expenses. Airlines have updated their policies related to tickets/refunds/credits centered around the Coronavirus. Here is a link to the most recent article:

Additional sources related to approaching airlines with a defense of the NDCA trip being "a trip in vain" at this point, can be found here:

To my knowledge, there should be no issues canceling hotel rooms if you were booked on campus at the Biddle or at another property in Bloomington.

I will post the official IU letter on the tournament main page if you need it for refund purposes, etc.

If we have received an entry fee check from your school and haven't deposited it, that will be returned. If we have already deposited the check, we will send you a refund check. Please make sure refund info is updated in Tabroom.

Finally, we will still award the Baker, Dukes & Bailey, and PF season-long excellence awards. Those will be mailed directly to the winners.

Thanks for your understanding during a difficult time.


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