Wayne State Motor City Classic

2013 — MI/US
Subject: Wayne State University Motor City Classic - 9/26 11 pm update
Sender Kelly Young
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Date Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 11:36 PM

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Two quick udpates:

1. I'm likely going to adjust the outround plans. In the plans I sent out last night/this morning, I really didn't consider the impact of our policy of restricting WSU entries from clearing might have on my plans for a partial open quarters and JV semis. I now realize that once all the WSU teams are removed, this might allow teams with losing record to clear. Or it might now. Thus, I will draw a line at teams having at least 3-3 records and see what that leaves us for the Open division. Since breakout rounds dont count for sweepstakes, I can clear that to semis if there are enough JV teams left over for that to happen.

2. I'm *trying* to honor prefs, but again the number of WSU teams who cannot have WSU judges combined with the low number of committed rounds our most highly prefered judges have is making judge placement a nightmare. I thought ordinal ranks rather than categories would make this easier, but it really doesn't.

Save travels and see you tomorrow,


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