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2020 — Milwaukee, WI/US
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Sent Tuesday 21 January 2020 at 8:44 AM
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Dear Coaches,


We are delighted to have you joining us on Saturday for the Marquette University High School Forensics Invitational! Here are some pre-tournament details:


Exception to Oratory Rule: According to WFCA rules, disqualification is the penalty for using notes in Oratory. However, because of the early season timing of the MUHS tournament and the deviation from WHSFA rules, the penalty for using notes in Oratory at the MUHS tournament will be a rank of 5 for the round.


Online Critiques / Ballots: Please encourage your judges to bring a laptop or tablet and use online critiquing. It’s easy, efficient, and Earth-friendly! Instructions for e-balloting and accessing MUHS’s newly revamped WiFi system will be provided in the judges’ lounge and may also be found here.


Saturday Morning Confirmation: All schools must check in on before 7:30am. Go to and there will be a red "confirm onsite" button. Click on it and confirm it again on the next screen. If you are unable to check in online, text your confirmation or drops to 414-202-4353.


Speaker codes will appear on no later than Friday morning. Log in to tabroom and click the blue ‘entry’ button for the MUHS tournament. On the righthand side, click ‘print registration’ to generate a list of your entries with speaker codes. Some codes are longer than you may be accustomed to.


Parking/Drop-off Info: Although Google maps will direct you to the official mailing address on Wisconsin Avenue, the school entrance is at 3306 W. Michigan Street. Enter through the glass doors on the circle drive. For security reasons, entry is not permitted at any other door.


Buses: Drop off is on Michigan Street between 33rd and 34th Streets. Buses should NOT enter the circle drive or parking lot adjacent to the building. PLEASE make your bus driver aware of this detail in order to avoid a major problem in the parking lot. (The lot and circle drive are not large enough for buses to exit.) Bus parking is available in the lot on the southwest corner of 34th and Michigan. (Enter parking lot on Michigan between 34th and 35th Streets.)


Cars/Vans: Drop off in the circle drive on Michigan Street between 33rd and 34th OR park in the faculty/staff lot (enter on 33rd between Michigan and Wisconsin). Enter the school through the glass doors on the circle drive. Entry will not be permitted at any other doors.


Judge Conflicts: If a judge is not clean for a student or students from a different team, we can block them from judging specific students or from the entire team. Please make a note on the judge’s account: Log in to tabroom and click the blue ‘entry’ button for the MUHS tournament. Go to the Judges tab and click on the green ‘edit’ icon next to the judge’s name. Enter the conflict in the ‘Judge Notes’ field. Likewise, if a judge is clean for all schools including your team, please enter the word “clean” in the ‘Judge Notes’ field.


Student Names in Tabroom: Please be sure you have entered the phonetic pronunciations of your students’ last names. It’s easy to do, and your students with tricky-to-pronounce surnames will thank you when their names are pronounced correctly at awards! Log into and go to the grey “Competitors” tab near the top of the page. Click on a student’s name, and complete the “phonetic pronunciation” field. When finished, click on “Save Student” at the bottom of the page. To return to your roster, click on the “Competitors” tab again.


New Coaches’ Training: Reagan HS Head Coach Carrie Baker Jackson will be available in the judges’ lounge during preliminary rounds to answer questions and provide guidance for new coaches. All are welcome!


Tentative Schedule:


Check in on

Before 7:30 am

Registration inside school entrance

7:30-8:00 am

Extemp and Radio Draw in Library (2nd floor)

Student Meeting in Commons (lower level)

8:15 am


Judges’ Meeting in Blue & Gold Room (lower level)

8:20 am

Round 1

8:45 am

Round 2

10:00 am

Round 3

11:15 am

Lunch and Final Round Postings

12:30 pm

Final Rounds

1:30 pm

Awards in Auditorium

3:15 pm




Awards: Trophies will be awarded to the top three individual entries in each event. Medals will be awarded to the finalists. Team trophies will be awarded to Places 1 – 3 in Small Teams (5-10 entries based on quality), Medium Teams (11-18 entries based on quality) and Large Teams (19-25 entries based on total points). Points will be calculated based on each team’s top 25 entries.


We look forward to seeing you this weekend!


Amy Geyser


Director of Forensics


Marquette University HS




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