MUHS Forensics Tournament

2020 — Milwaukee, WI/US
Subject Thursday Update
Sender John Knetzger
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Thursday 16 January 2020 at 8:49 PM
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Good evening,


A few things to draw your attention to this evening.


1. Keep entering your prefs.  They close tomorrow at 3 PM.

2. Keep an eye on the forecast.  If you are driving into town on Saturday, please leave enough time to arrive safely and on time.

3. Online check-in.  This is really important. As it says in the invitation, between 5 and 8, you need to either check in online or text me at 414-378-2839 to confirm your entries and judges.  

4. If you have any last minute drops, text me between 6 and 7:30 on Saturday.  

5. We've had some issues with connectivity during rounds.  Please remind your students that though they may be online during the round, they may not communicate with anyone other than their partner (sorry LD).  Texting, IMs, snapchat, group messaging, etc., may be part of their normal existence.  They may not, however, be part of their debate rounds.  The consequences for communication with someone outside of the round may include loss of that round and disqualification from the tournament.  

6. Meetings on Saturday will start at 8AM.  Judges will meet in the East Cafeteria.  Students in the West Cafeteria.  Schematics won't be released until those meeting conclude so please make sure your students/judges are there. 

7. Registration runs from 7:15-7:45 on Saturday.  You'll start w/ Dan Hansen for the financial pieces.  After that, you'll talk to me for the rest of your registration materials.   



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