2020 Okmulgee Invitational

2020 — Okmulgee, OK/US
Subject Tournament Schedule
Sender Jody Batie
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Thursday 16 January 2020 at 8:03 PM
Text of message

Below is the schedule for the tournament. 

Please double check your entries and make sure your judges are available.   

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have any drops.   

Please inform your students there will only be 1 judge in champs and novice rounds.   

We will see you this weekend!  


2020 Okmulgee Invitational Master Schedule








3AHD Final, 3AMO Final, 3APO Prelim,

4ADD Final, 4AHD Final, 4APO FINAL, 4APR Prelim,

CDD Final, CHD Final, CPO Final, CPR Prelim,

NPR Prelim



3ADI Final, 3AHI Final,

4ADI Final, 4AHI Final, 4AMO Final,

CDI Final, CMO Prelim, CSO Prelim,

NDI Final, NHI Final



3ADX Final, 3AFX Final, 3APO Final,

4ADX Final,

CDX Final, CFX Final,

NDX Final, NPO Final



3AOO Final, 3APR FINAL, 3ASO Final,

4AOO Final, 4APR FINAL, 4ASO Final,

CHI Final, CMO Final, COO FINAL, CPR Final, CSO Final,

NDD 1, NPR Final, NSO Final


If all goes well and everyone brings their judges 

Awards should be around 3:00

Email sent to: All Registered Schools