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2020 — US
Subject Information for this weekend (part 1)
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Sent Wednesday 26 February 2020 at 1:42 PM
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Hello all,

I just wanted to share some information about this weekend.

1) The tournament is at Pelham HS.

Park in the semi-circle driveway in front of the school OR the teacher’s lot on Corlies Ave.

Registration will be in the lobby near the security desk. Please register by 8:30 AM.

Have your kids and judges then go to where we have traditionally met which is Cafeteria C.

2) Be sure to bring your NSDA paperwork. This can be found on the NSDA forms tab on your registration. You need a signed consent form for the school and then a Single Letter of Intent form for any double entered kids.

3) I have adjusted everyone's registrations to reflect true fees (25 for one competitor and 50 for more than 1). Cash or checks made out to SUFSD. If you don't have that this weekend, no big deal. Mail it to "Scarsdale HS, c/o Joe Vaughan, 1057 Post Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583" when you can.

4) We have EXACTLY enough people in each category to run this tournament. If anyone drops, whatever category they drop from will mean NO ONE qualifies in that category. Keep your kids healthy!

5) Tell your judges that they can expect to see a WIDE variety of categories this weekend. We will train anyone prior to putting in something they haven't done.

6) The day is weird and hard to schedule so please bear with us and have a sense of humor about the many absurdities of this tournament.

7) We are providing breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria.

8) Debate will be done in RR style. Each team will debate each team. Best records qualify.

9) Traditionally the district tournament will be done by about 4 PM. There are two factors that affect the time....Congress needs to run a certain minimum length and the extempers are all competing back to back and are double entered so we have to stagger their round times.

10) Congress Bills will be emailed out to the coaches that is relevant for this evening. I have bills from Pelham and Pleasantville and am supplimenting that with the NSDA bills for February. Priority will be given to the school bills on the docket. There will be two sessions, each taking 2 hours and 40 min (16 competitors x 10 min/competitor).

Any other questions, let me know

Joe Vaughan

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