Assumption HS Rocket Invitational

2020 — Louisville, KY/US
Subject Online Ballots - Please Remind Judges
Sender Elizabeth Bender
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 5:38 PM
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Hello, all,

Just a reminder that we will be doing online ballots on Saturday.  There will be a dedicated guest account for judges and coaches.  Our WiFi has a limited capacity, so student competitors will not be able to use our school WiFi.  The judge/coach username and password will be posted in the judges' lounge and at registration. 

Please make sure your judges create accounts, and that they know to bring devices to do online balloting on Saturday.  We will be keeping the tournament flighted, so every judge's comments are going to be very valuable, and nothing deters comments more than trying to thumb them in on a tiny phone screen.

Don't forget that a coach must accept a judge's request to link their account in tabroom before they will be able to use online ballots.  It will be much easier if your judges can get their accounts set up now so you can link them before Saturday morning.  You may find the following videos helpful in instructing judges how to set up a tabroom account and work with online ballots.

Creating a tabroom account

Finding your ballot and starting the round (for debate, but applies to speech too)

Filling out a speech ballot

Thank you, and see you Saturday!

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