Virginia District Tournament

2020 — US
Subject Corona Virus/Flu
Sender Craig Edgerton
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Sent Thursday 5 March 2020 at 1:36 PM
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Just a quick heads up and fyi for all coaches!

We are still ON for this Saturday. I understand that there may be concerns, but our school has cleared all travel/events for all activities, as long as they are within the Commonwealth. If anything changes, I will let everyone know!

IF something changes on your end, please let us know asap! We have already had several drops due to flu. So far only 1 category has been affected (USX) but we are working on filling it, in order to keep the numbers at 10 (so we qualify 3 vs 2).

ALSO, if you do email me, please include your school name. We have over 2 dozen schools competing Saturday, and "yes" I'm getting to know a lot of you (which is awesome)...I'm also juggling play rehearsals, set building, program editing...and my brain is ALL over the place! If you include your school name, it saves time on my end updating Tabroom!

I hope all is going well otherwise, and see you all soon!

Tournament : Virginia District Tournament
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