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Subject Iroquois District New Qualifier Format
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Sent Wednesday 1 April 2020 at 10:08 AM
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Good Morning,

I appologize for filling your email, but I am planning to use the tabroom system for most of my further communication.

At this point you should have recieved:

1. An email with details about the NSDA national tournament plan.

2. An email to edit the google document for national entries.

The question was sent to me of 'How will this work.' I am still discussing this with others and working off templates I have seen from other districts around the country. The current plan is:

Share the information with a group of judges to have them score who they think would be the most qualified to be a national qualifier. I am still working on that plan/rubric. As of now I plan to remove the names/schools and just give them the information with an assigned code. I was hoping to use at least 3 judges to analysis the data and give their 'ranks.' Then we will compile the ranks, if needed do a finals round with additional judges. -----------------------------
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