Iroquois District Tournament

2020 —
Subject Iroquois District Update
Sender Kerry Bocko
Sent Sunday 15 March 2020 at 11:36 AM
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Good Morning!!
I don't have much information to share, at this point we will just be riding out the storm as long as we can. I had a request to send the bill packet out in case your students wanted to do some fun research. 
Current plan is to plan on our tournament running April 17th/18th at Towanda High School. 
I am very sceptical if that will happen, once we get through the next two weeks I will reach out to everyone to regroup if things continue to progress negatively. I know most NY schools are closing sometime this week until April 13th/14th. This will make for a tight turn around to get to districts. In PA we are shut down until March 30th, but our Superintendent is planning on it being much longer. I haven't seen any articles about Vermont yet, but I know the ski slopes are shutting down, so that isn't good! (I do follow those news feeds)
Please stay safe and keep me posted of any changes for you or your school. If I hear more updates from the national office I will send them your way.
I keep reminding my students that we are living through history. To look at the world around them and for the first time in my lifetime, everyone in the world is united against a common enemy. We have to stay safe not to protect ourselves but to protect others. Hopefully in a few months this will have subsided and we can come out of it as a world who worked together. 
Kerry Bocko
Sayre Area High School
Speech and Debate Coach
Iroquois District Chair
SAEA Treasurer