Iroquois District Tournament

2020 —
Subject NSDA Districts Postponed
Sender Kerry Bocko
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Sent Friday 13 March 2020 at 8:58 AM
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I am nervous a few people haven’t gotten the message about post phoning the tournament, so I am resending this through tabroom. We lease confirm with me that you received the message.

Good Afternoon, I am sorry to flood your emails today but I am trying to move as fast as I can without it seeming like a knee jerk reaction. If you had asked me 24 hours ago if this tournament was in jeopardy, I would have thought you were nuts. The tentative plan now is to postpone until April 17th and 18th. If you were planning to attend this event please have all your registrations in by tomorrow. This will allow us to look at our events and make decisions moving forward. Obviously the new date may change some entries and we will work with that as we go forward. Next week I will reach out to each of the coaches with a few questions and inquiries. My goal is to have a secondary plan for determining qualifiers, if we aren't able to have a traditional event. We can look at options of virtual presentations, or having a balloting selection process based on ranks throughout other tournaments. I am very hesitant to come up with a specific set of qualifications until I talk to everyone. I do not want our process to favor one school over the other. Please know that this decision is based off of a lot of research and the best interest of all involved. Currently NY state is shutting down any travel by school districts, PA canceled (post poned) their state tournament and is putting in travel restrictions. -----------------------------
Tournament : Iroquois District Tournament
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