Kentucky District Tournament

2020 — US
Subject KYNSDA Reminders
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Sent Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 12:15 PM
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Thank you for registering for the District Tournament! While the registration deadline isn't until next Friday, I would like to urge you to go ahead and put in entries if you haven't yet already. Remember that in order for us to send 3 students to nationals in IE/Debate, we need at least 10 entries in each event (if we have at least 4 we can send 2 students). In order for the House to send 2 to nationals, we need 16 entries. In order for the Senate to send 2 to nationals, we must have 8 schools represented. If we don't meet these quotas, we cannot send congress students to nationals!

If you are planning on sending students in either the House or the Senate, PLEASE ENTER THEM BY THIS FRIDAY. You can always make changes! This allows us to appropriately plan to make sure Team Kentucky is well represented in Albuquerque.

Make sure to get your food orders in for Friday night! I'll say it again: NO OTHER FOOD OPTIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON CAMPUS.

Don't forget to nominate folks for district awards using the links in the invitation. Susan Moore/Harlen Hamm are still on paper.

You will get an itemized letter from me after KHSSL outlining what you owe at registration. I will take anything you want to give me ahead of time next week at State (I'm there for both debate and speech).

Call/text/email me with questions! I'm here for you!

:) rachel

Tournament : Kentucky District Tournament
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