Nebraska South District Tournament

2020 — US
Subject Debate Quals- Judges, Schedule, Etc
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Sent Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 6:30 PM
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Good evening!

Quals is just a few days away! Some info and reminders:

A list of judges who have signed up can be seen here.
-We're still really short on judges, especially judges contributed by programs in the south district. The north and south districts trade judge pools each year to ensure we have unbiased judges for such an important tournament- we're letting the other side down right now. Please look through this list; if anyone you've hired this year isn't on the list, PLEASE reach out to them and (heavily) encourage them to sign up for this weekend.
-Because of the lower numbers, we aren't constraining first year outs to paneled rounds
-Because of the lower numbers, we aren't able to have strikes this weekend

Friday- Registration/ Judge Check in: 3:30
Round I -- PF, LD, CX -- 4:00
Round II -- PF, LD -- 5:30
Round II CX -- 6:30
Round III PF and LD -- 7:00

Saturday- Judge Check in: 7:30
Round IV -- LD and PF -- 8 am
Round III -- CX -- 8 am
Round V -- LD and PF-- 9:30
Round IV -- CX -- 10:15
Outrounds to follow. We'll break all winning records and have a single elimination bracket until we have qualifiers, with awards to follow.

As a reminder- rules and justifications for the pilot structure can be found here

Remember that all outstanding NSDA fees and entry fees must be paid at registration. If you don't have a school check, you'll need to write a personal check.

Let me know if you have any questions! See everyone Friday!


Tournament : Nebraska South District Tournament
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