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2020 — US
Subject Speech quals reminders- mid week update!
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Speech (IE) judges
Sent Wednesday 26 February 2020 at 12:35 PM
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Hello Coaches --

Registration --
Registration begins at 7:30 am at Lincoln East High School on Feb. 29. Things you must have with you:

1. Signed school consent form

2. Money owed to the district or to the NSDA (you have been emailed about this if you have a balance with the NSDA)

3. Signed Single Entry Letters of Intent

Numbers and Breaks--

HI -- 21, breaking top 5 to finals

DI -- 23, breaking top 6 to finals

Duo -- 16, breaking top 4 to finals

Inform -- 25, breaking top 6 to finals

IX -- 11, breaking top 4 to finals***

USX -- 14, breaking top 4 to finals

OO --19, breaking top 5 to finals

POI -- 12, breaking top 4 to finals***

Reminders --

This will be a three round tournament with semifinals (if numbers/ ties warrant) and finals. It is our intention to break the top 25% of the field (rounded to the nearest whole number) and all entries whose rank totals are tied with advancing entries. There will be two judges in each prelim round and three in the final rounds.
*** in events with small entry fields, a minimum of 4 competitors must be advanced to finals

We will be allowing Internet usage in extemporaneous speaking.

All balloting will be online. When you arrive at the tournament, I will give you a handout which will take you through the steps to see ballots throughout the tournament through your "dashboard" in Tabroom. In the newest Rostrum, there are also directions if you want to look at those before the tournament.

Remember to bring all scripts and copies of speeches with you in case of protests. Make sure you have prepared these scripts according to the rules in the unified manual.

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the speech rules for this particular tournament. Here is a link to the unified manual in which you will find those rules. You also might want to look at the pilot manual to read through the particular rules associated with how the tournament will be tabbed. Please do not put your students in jeopardy because you have not educated yourself with the rules of the tournament. The rules are clear as are the disqualification methods.

"Student of the Year" and "Speech Coach of the Year" nominations are due Friday

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Tournament : Nebraska South District Tournament
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