2019 — Hamilton, MT/US
Subject Tabroom/codes
Sender JW McClintic
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Thursday 12 December 2019 at 4:09 PM
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Codes are available Today on tabroom. We will be using school code and initials. 
Maps will be available on site. Tabroom is the library upstairs. 
Tournament director: Brenna
Tab room coordinator : Doug McConnaha 
Extemp Coordinator: Theresa Stergios
Debate: Tara-ADMIN
Paul S., Alex Miller, Adrian, Kari, Mikal
Speech: Sara M-admin
Paul H, Adam Burke, Blake, Kim, Sean M.
DRAMA: Doug-Admin
Amy Miller, Kim Lee, Michelle M., Connie
Everyone please be prepared to pitch in. 
Extemp Draw
Round 1: Corvallis
Round 2: Polson
Round 3: Libby
Round 4: Co Falls
Finals: Polson
Drops are still open  till midnight Friday. Drops Saturday morning should be emailed in. Or texted Doug or myself. 
JW - 406-580-0411
Doug -406-369-4321
Any questions please reach out to Brenna or reply to this email. Goodluck and see you Saturday. 
Email sent to: All Registered Schools