Georgia Northern Mountain District Tournament

2020 — US
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Sent Friday 31 January 2020 at 9:15 AM
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Good morning, coaches! We look forward to hosting everyone at the GA Northern Mountain Districts today and tomorrow.

Just a few instructions regarding arrival this afternoon:

1) Like all schools, dismissal traffic is a pill. We dismiss at 3:35, and the craziest traffic is usually cleared out by 3:55 - ish. Please be aware of this as you arrive. There are usually folks out directing traffic, and buses will leave out of the R Johnson Drive entrance to the school, and no one goes anywhere until the buses have exited once they roll.

2) Also, as you arrive, please park to the right hand side (as you're looking at it) of the building and parking lot. There is some parking at the end of the wing that sticks out to the front, and you are welcome to use that. We're having home basketball games here this evening, so parking is going to be "interesting" as a result, but not impossible. The end of the building I am directing you toward is the one farthest from the gym. :-)

3) Please don't enter the building until right at 4:00 for check-in, etc. We'll be running around with last-minute stuff and don't want to miss you as you arrive. Also, all students will gather in the cafeteria (straight back through the building after you enter), and hospitality for judges and coaches will be in room 406 -- just like what we have done with the invitational tournaments at JHS.

Thanks so much -- looking forward to seeing everyone!

Charity Wang

JHS Speech & Debate Coach

District Committee Member

Tournament : Georgia Northern Mountain District Tournament
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