Georgia Northern Mountain District Tournament

2020 — US
Subject Meal Order Reminder
Sender Charity Wang
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Saturday 25 January 2020 at 5:31 PM
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Good afternoon, Coaches! Please do not forget to order meals for your student competitors for the GA Northern Mtn. District tournament for Friday evening and Saturday lunch. All meal options include choice of sandwich, chips, dessert, and drink. It is strongly discouraged for teams/competitors to leave campus during the tournament for meals, since the tournament schedule needs to move along and rounds will not be held for competitors not on campus.

Concessions will be sold (pizza by the slice, chips, cookies, drinks, etc.) at the tournament as well.

A hospitality room will be available for coaches, judges, and drivers.

To order meals, you may click on the meals tab at the top of your registration page for the tournament. For more info about meal choices, you may click on the meal link on the right side of the tournament main page. Please contact me if you have any issues making meal orders work (

Thank you for your attention to this! We look forward to hosting you this coming weekend!


Charity Wang

RW Johnson High Coach

NSDA District Committee Member

Tournament : Georgia Northern Mountain District Tournament
Email sent to: All Registered Schools