MVHS Running with the Bulls

2020 — Meridian, ID/US
Subject You're about to Run!
Sender Sara Bell
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Sent Friday 17 January 2020 at 2:12 PM
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Thank you for signing up for the MVHS tournament.  Couple of reminders:  

1.  School gets out at 2:40 and it is complete craziness getting out of our lot.  Busses can drop teams in front and continue on to the east to find parking in back of building near the cafeteria.

2.  We're small (less than 300 total entries) this year - We will not be running Open Policy.  Speech events with few people (3-4) will still run as we are in practice mode!

3.  I want to be very transparent - winners are getting T-shirts and candy.  Between my FIL going on hospice, dying, and his funeral, I sort of forgot about my tournament and getting stuff ordered - there will be Sweeps plaques though!  We're not in it for the trophies, but the experiences, right?

4.  This is a dress down tournament - please make sure your kids are in school appropriate clothing (not PJ's).

5.  Remember the shoes - what is clogging up the closets!  There is a choice trophy for the team bringing the most pairs!

Tab assignments:

Managing the chaos:Jenn 



Table: Sara (MHS) & Melinda 


Computer1:  Donnie & Kristen 

Computer2: Kelley & Jeff 


Radio Draw: Lance 

Extemp Draw: Paul W. 

Retold Draw: Kyra 


Judge reassign: Donnie, Jenn 


Ballot audit/split: Susan 



Table: Kristen & Kyra 


Congress:  Jeff & Susan 

CX:  Lance and Melinda 

LDPaul W. and Donnie 

PF: Kelley and Sara (MHS) 


Judge reassign: Donnie, Jenn 


Quality control/auditing : John 


Best wishes to those competing this weekend... I'm off to relax with my family!



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