Crowe Warken Debates at USNA

2020 — Annapolis, MD/US
Subject Preferences at Navy
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Sent Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 12:05 PM
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A couple of things I need to remind everyone of regarding preferences at Navy - Unlike many large tournaments, there tends to be a narrower consensus among teams as to which judges are preferred or not.  As a result, any attempt to meet a standard of 50 or 55 becomes impossible, particularly since the ADA practice of breaking half the teams in a division combined with a lag in round 6 means that no teams are "eliminated" formally prior to the round 7 pairing.  As a result, a small number of judge assignments between 50 and 65 might become necessary.  Second, schools are reminded that their obligation is across all of their available judges (including hired judges).  If a judge becomes impossible to place for their commitment, the tournament reserves the right to ask the director of the program to adjust commitments of other available coaches/judges to make up a portion of the lost rounds.


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