Crowe Warken Debates at USNA

2020 — Annapolis, MD/US
Subject USNA Crowe-Warken Update #1
Sender Danielle O'Gorman
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Sent Monday 6 January 2020 at 3:33 PM
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Danielle Verney

2:35 PM (51 minutes ago)
to Thomas
Hi all,
We are so excited to have you all joining us for the USNA Crowe-Warken Debates!
We have a few significant changes at the tournament this year:
1. Due to several recent security concerns (national/international, not here at the Academy), we are no longer allowed to have guest vehicles driven onto the Yard.  Thus, we have hired buses to take debaters/coaches/judges to the tournament from the SpringHill Suites; the buses will stop at Gate 1 where all debaters will be required to present ID and go through a baggage check.  They can then re-board the bus and be driven directly to the tournament buildings.
a. If you are not staying at the SpringHill Suites, you will still be fine to park there in the morning and return at night.  
b. We are planning on ordering pizza for Sunday night dinner (in addition to lunch as usual).  Many of you are used to ordering food in on Saturday night and we are going to facilitate that with a shuttle to Gate 1 where delivery orders can be handled during Round 4.  The mids are putting together lists of the best delivery options and those will be available at the tournament.  
c. You should still be able to walk off the Yard and return as long as you have ID.  
d. If you have judges who are arriving late, please let me know so we can make arrangements to get them on the Yard.  
e. This may raise concerns for those who, for whatever reason, do not have state issued identification.  IF THIS IS AN ISSUE FOR YOU OR ONE OF YOUR DEBATERS OR COACHES PLEASE LET ME KNOW; I will handle the situation and make sure you and/or your students/staff have access to the tournament, no questions asked. 
f. We will put out an updated schedule that includes pickup times at the hotel.  The buses will be staggered and should begin at 0640 every morning.  We encourage you to try to board the buses as early as possible.  
2. For both sustainability reasons and to cover the costs of the buses and pizza, we will not be providing disposable water bottles at the tournament this year.  Please ask your debaters to bring reusable water bottles with them.  I will have a VERY limited number of them (like....20) for those who forget but once they are gone, they're gone.  
3. A reminder that the Naval Academy is federal property and that military police are....police.  Substances that may be legal in the state of Maryland are still prohibited at the Academy.  Given the extra security this year, I strongly encourage reminding your debaters that some things should be left at home (or at least the hotel).  
4. Please start resolving your TBAs and also confirming your food designations (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)--the sooner we communicate that information to our caterers the better.  
We are very much looking forward to hosting you!  Please let me know of any concerns and I'll do my best to resolve them.  
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