NYCFL Sister Raimonde Service Tournament at Xavier

2019 — New York City, NY/US
Subject NYCFL Fordham - Update and Congress
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Sent Monday 28 October 2019 at 3:03 PM
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I will re-post the bill packet tomorrow from Xavier.  Each school has the ability to trade out their bill and to enter one for super session if they don't have one in already.  That packet will be posted tomorrow.

Location: Right now I have an offer to host from Byram Hills.  I realize that is a trek for NYC schools that were not planning to bus.  I am waiting to hear from PS95.  They hosted the speech part of the NYC Invitational and are a more convenient location, so I am holding off before making the final decision.  Thanks for all of your patience.

The loss of Fordham has put us in a tough position.



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