NYCFL Sister Raimonde Service Tournament at Xavier

2019 — New York City, NY/US
Subject NYCFL - Fordham Unavailability Panic Email
Sender Charles Sloat
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Thursday 24 October 2019 at 12:34 PM
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Hello all

Does anyone have a building we can use for NEXT weekend (Nov 2).

I just got an email from James Squitieri that Fordham is taking back its building next weekend.  This leaves us without a host for a tournament that tends to use 50ish rooms.

Can anyone get a building for next weekend.

Can Bronx look at PS95 oe their own building.

Julie is stuy available

Eric/Jessica - any chance at a joint regis/loyola

I am at a loss and simply scrambling for a solution.


Let me know any suggestions/possibilities.

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