NYCFL Sister Raimonde Service Tournament at Xavier

2019 — New York City, NY/US
Subject NYCFL at Xavier - Reminders
Sender Charles Sloat
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Sent Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 4:35 PM
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Welcome.  All schools should have the bulk of the registration in by this evening.  We need to begin making decisions on rooms and space.

The Bill Packet (even though it isn't marked as final - is final).  There is congress next weekend at Fordham.  Because of the close proximity to this tournament, I will leave the bill packet largely in tact and just start a new Bill discussion on Monday.  If any school wishes to add or revise a bill in the packet, they have until Monday, Oct 28 to do so.

We will see you all on Saturday.

Registration closes hard tomorrow at 5pm.


See you all soon

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