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Subject House and Senate Dockets
Sender Chris Berdnik
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Sent Friday 21 February 2020 at 12:53 PM
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Good afternoon Valley Forge Friends, we are close to the release of the congress bills and docket groups by session. So far I have bills from: Palumbo, Meyers, CR North, Tennent, Southern Lehigh, La Salle, Strath Haven, Pennsbury, and Danville.

We just opened a brief window for any of those schools to submit a second bill if they wish to so we have enough for robust congressional debate across three sessions of the house. Danville, Strath Haven, and Pennsbury have thrown a second bill in so far.

I will keep the window open until 4:00 pm and no later. We will subsequently put the packet together and assign bills for each session. Use my if you have a second bill to submit.

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