Cal Swing 2

2020 — Berkeley, CA/US
Subject Judging tomorrow
Sender Chris Palmer
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Sent Tuesday 7 January 2020 at 7:43 PM
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Hi folks,

As we go into Day 2 there are a couple of realities of the size of the field and our lack of a JV division that are rearing their ugly heads. 

One is that our judging rounds number-wise are super tight, so if you'd be willing do an extra debate beyond your commitment I would be grateful. It's likely to improve the prefs that your teams get, and we can give you $40 a round.

Another is that with the small field, judges who are in for a lot of debates aren't that useful sometimes, because they'll have judged a lot of the teams that they're preffed for in earlier rounds and gradually become not-clean.  So as I get into later rounds, I'll be faced with the choice in some cases of whether to give your teams a judge who has already heard them before (I'd keep it to them judging teams on the opposite side as they heard before), or a judge who is very far down your pref sheet. 

If you have strong feelings about which of those two not-great solutions you'd prefer if it becomes necessary, please let me know.  

Otherwise, I'll do what I can to give you the best available judging and such under the circumstances!  

Appreciate you all,


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