Lakeland Westchester Classic 2020

2020 — Shrub Oak, NY/US
Subject Georgetown Spring Online Tournament on TOC Platform
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Sent Monday 16 March 2020 at 11:09 AM
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The Georgetown Spring Tournament is open to for registration at…

The tournament, which will run entirely online and on the platform the TOC is running on, will have all divisions of PF, OO, LD and Policy debate.

It has its own branded site -- and students will enter virtual buildings on the Georgetown campus by clicking on the Georgetown classrooms receive on their pairings.

There is some more detail here --

The entry for the tournament is $150/team or $75/individual entry (LD, OO). The entry fee includes a four round practice tournament the weekend before. There is a link to register for that on the first tournament. If teams ONLY want to participate in the practice tournament, they can do so for $100.

Judges can be hired for both tournaments for $150/entry/tournament.

We do hope that everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to both judge and potentially hire some judging so that we can help the “gig workers” in our
economy. Most of us certainly have a lot of anticipated funds we were using for travel in our budgets and we could really do a lot for our gig worker judges by hiring out.

If you wish to do any pre-practice, you can set up a free basic account.

Tournament : Lakeland Westchester Classic 2020
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