Lakeland Westchester Classic 2020

2020 — Shrub Oak, NY/US
Subject Elim Judge Obligations
Sender Brian Manuel
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Sent Saturday 29 February 2020 at 12:20 PM
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Good morning

As we begin our final day of competition, we'd like to remind all judges of your obligation for elimination rounds. We understand that the day is quite long, but fulfilling your commitment is essential to the tournament's timely conclusion. Your support and cooperation are much appreciated.

ALL Public Forum judges (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Novice, AND Middle School) are obligated for the first FULL elimination round, then one round beyond the elimination of your program’s last team. For example, if your last team is eliminated in quarterfinals, your judges are obligated through semifinals. Even if none of your teams advance, your judges are obligated for both the partial elimination round (if applicable) AND the following full elimination round.

Without a sufficient number of judges, the tournament will be unable to proceed. Consequently, if any judges from your program fail to show up for their assigned elimination rounds, YOUR ENTRIES RISK BEING DROPPED FROM THE TOURNAMENT to allow the remaining rounds to continue. Simply notifying the tabroom or information desk that you’re leaving does NOT release you from your judging obligation!

Additionally, please see below for important reminders.

  • Judges should report to their assigned room as soon as the pairing is released.

  • Judges should press the Start Round button upon arrival.

  • All three judges on a given panel must be present before the debate may begin.

  • Teams should flip a coin to determine side/speaking order in every round, with NO exceptions.

  • Deliberation between judges and/or other individuals is strictly prohibited! Each judge must render his/her decision independently.

  • Results will appear on the screen of the last judge to submit his/her ballot. S/he may then announce the panel's decision.

  • Under absolutely NO condition may judges leave the tournament before fulfilling your obligation.

If you have any questions about your obligation and/or whether you’re still needed, please speak with our staff at the info desk, located at the front entrance of Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School.

Many thanks,

Brian Manuel

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