Lakeland Westchester Classic 2020

2020 — Shrub Oak, NY/US
Subject Lakeland -- Important February 23 Update
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Sent Sunday 23 February 2020 at 7:19 AM
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I hope all of those that had a winter break enjoyed it!

A few critical notes --

*Finalizing Entries

One, Almost every school has finalized entries and judging or has a plan for doing so. Food needs to be ordered tomorrow afternoon, so we will delete TBAs at 4pm tomorrow. There can be incidental adds after that, but we can't just take 5 new teams from a school on Thursday.


Two, Please remember the following locations and arrival times --

Policy & LD -- Policy & LD are at Lakeland. Due to new school security requirements, you cannot enter the school until 2:15pm on Friday. If you show up early, you have to stand outside. So please plan on arriving at 2:15 or waiting across the street.

PF & Parli -- PF & Parli will be held at the Middle School -- just like last year. You cannot enter that building until 4pm. Again, please do not get there early and have to stand outside.

Pairings will be blasted slightly before the times you can enter the buildings and when you arrive you will go straight to your rounds. There is no building-level registration and all changes must be made online prior to arrival. When you are in Shrub Oak/Yorktown, you will click "Confirm Onsite" on from your phone or hot-spotted laptop. If you show up and want to make changes when you arrive you will wreck the tournament. If you show up late we will start without you and you will forfeit round 1.

*PF Schedules

Please note there are some changes to the PF schedule. VPF, NPF, and JV PF will be single flighted and will largely alternate time blocks -- one round V, one round JV/N, on round V, etc. This will allow us to pair one during the other and keep the tournament moving. We are spending a lot of money and time on hired judging and logistics to make this work, so please do your part to be on time so the days don't run so late.

*Outstanding payments

If you have outstanding payments that need to be made by check or cash, you can make those after the start of round I at the information desk in the building your teams are competing.

*Adult observers/chaperones

Please remember that there is a $20 charge for any non-judge adult observers so that we can account for food and provide an adequate amount of it. If you have any, please indicate the total # in the registration section of We will provide badges in folders to all schools after the start of Round I at the information desk so that individuals who are accounted for can access food, snacks, and beverages in the judges' lounges and cafeterias.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

The Lakeland Tournament Bosses!

Tournament : Lakeland Westchester Classic 2020
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