Lakeland Westchester Classic 2020

2020 — Shrub Oak, NY/US
Subject Lakeland Update-- 1-24-20
Sender Stefan Bauschard
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Sent Friday 24 January 2020 at 11:22 AM
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I hope everyone is enjoying the month of January. Reasonable weather. Lots of debate.

We write with few brief updates on the Lakeland tournament.

First, please move to clean your entries. The number of TBAs should be coming down.

Second, please enter some judges. If you have put in a hire request for PF, you should assume you are good. If you put in a hire request for Policy and/or LD, Jim Menick will be approving those requests starting on February 3rd. First come, first served. Last come, maybe not served at all. Approvals do depend on us finding enough judges to hire. We pay a lot and will hire anyone, so we are making our best efforts. Please make your own best efforts to help yourselves.

Third, the tabroom home page for the tournament now contains all relevant information related to schedules, booking hotels, reserving a bus seat to the hotel if you need one, etc.

Fourth, do you want to be in the Lakeland PF RR? Apply here.

Fifth, and maybe most importantly, Jim Menick sent a message regarding Penn this morning that applies to the Lakeland tournament: Lately there has been a serious flouting of the (novice) rule at other tournaments, causing much damage in those events to all and sundry. A novice is first-year, end of story. We will DQ any schools who do not abide by this

In the good old days, coaches had their kids debate up a division so they would get better. Now there is this rash of debating down so that kids can win more trophies and because their parents think they will get into Harvard if they win the Lakeland MS or novice division. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but you aren't going to get into Harvard because you win the Lakeland MS tournament. Or any MS tournament. No admissions officer at Harvard will notice if you win any MS tournament, even if you go undefeated with straight 30s. But if you get better and win a lot in varsity some day, then people may notice.

Signed, people who run the tournament --

Stefan, Tournament Director
Brian, Director
Amisha, PF/MS Building Director
Christian, LD/Policy Building Director
Sheryl & Jim, LD/Policy Tab Director

Tournament : Lakeland Westchester Classic 2020
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