Barkley Forum for High Schools

2020 — Atlanta, GA/US
Subject Speech Events Information - Please share with judges and competitors
Sender Christy Bradley
Recipients Schools registered for Barkley Forum for High Schools with entries in: Dramatic Interpretation Duo Interpretation Extemporaneo
Sent Thursday 23 January 2020 at 11:56 AM
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Barkley Forum for High Schools 2020

Speech Information


Greetings! We are excited to have you at Emory this weekend in the Speech Division! Please read this entire message and send to your competitors and judges to ensure that everyone has the information needed for a smooth weekend.


Speech Information at a Glance


Speech Director: Christy Bradley

Tabulation Director: Greg Malis

Extemporaneous Speaking Director: Michael Slade


Speech Tab Phone Number: (678) 235-8414 (calls and text messages)

Speech Tab Email: (use for less urgent needs/requests)


Important Locations


Main Speech Division Location: Claudia Nance Rollins Building, Google Map:

Parking: Michael Street Parking Deck (No free parking before 4:00 p.m., parking is free evenings & weekends) (Google Map:

Ballot Table & Tab Room: Claudia Nance Rollins Building (CNR) 1034 (second level)

Extemp Draw: Claudia Nance Rollins Building Room 1000


Rounds will be located in the following buildings:

·       Claudia Nance Rollins Building (CNR)

·       Grace Crum Rollins Building (GCR)

·       School of Nursing (NURS) Google Map:

·       1462 Clifton Road Building (Clifton) Google Map:

·       School of Medicine (Medicine) Google Map:


The vast majority of tournament information will be located on the BFHS site.


We STRONGLY encourage all judges to link their smartphone or computer to We will be sending out pairings and announcements through Judges will also be able to see their judging assignments through their account. We are also moving to all electronic ballots this year, so judges having their Tabroom accounts set up is crucial. Here are instructions on how to set up accounts to receive live updates:




Pattern A                                                          Pattern B

Dramatic Interpretation                                    Duo Interpretation

Extemporaneous Speaking                              Humorous Interpretation

Informational Speaking                                    Original Oratory

  Program Oral Interpretation


Extemp Draw


Extemp Draw Room: Claudia Nance Rollins Building, Room 1000


Internet access will be allowed during extemp draw according to the NSDA Pilot Internet Rules ( Students may not email, text, or be on social media during prep. Devices must be charged before entering the extemp draw room.


The extemp draw room is for use only during draw times. At no point should students be in the extemp draw room unless they are prepping during extemp draw.


No food or drinks besides water will be allowed in the room.


Online Ballots & Round Assignments (Dance Cards)


The Speech Division will NOT be using paper ballots this year. You can go directly to your round for the scheduled time when you receive the notification from When your round is beginning, please be sure to click the “START ROUND” button so the tab room knows that your round is starting and everything is running smoothly.


Here are guidelines on how to do electronic balloting and comments:


If you are unable to use for entering your ranks and comments, please let us know at the info table outside of the tab room (CNR 1034). We can make accommodations for judges that need to use paper.


Judging assignment dance cards will be available on judges’ accounts. We will not be releasing dance cards until after completion of registration on Friday. Our goal is to make them available by 3:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.


Judging No-Shows


The vast majority of judges do show up and honor their commitments, for which we deeply appreciate. Judging is equally important to a successful tournament as competitors.


There have been cases in the past where judges have not shown up to judge rounds to which they were assigned. Please ensure your judges show up, particularly on Sunday. For judges that do not show for an assigned round, we will assess a $50 per round fine to be added to your 2021 entry fee. In addition, it will endanger any Member Schools’ standing.


If an issue arises where a judge is unable to continue their obligation, please notify the Speech Tab room (CNR 1034).


Double Entries & Speaking Order


Many competitors are double-entered in multiple events, sometimes within the same pattern. The pairings and ballot will list students in speaking order. It is imperative that judges and contestants follow this speaking order to ensure double-entered competitors have enough time to move between rounds. Double-entered students may not have an asterisk or other indication on pa