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Hello, coaches!  If you are receiving this message, we are planning on your school attending the tournament, which starts on Friday.  All students without “on waitlist” next to their names are entered in the tournament. 

Here is some important information about the tournament:

Electronic Registration

If you cannot come to registration from 9:30-11:00 on Friday, you need to do three things:

  • Prior to Friday, complete the emergency contact form here
  • On Friday morning (before 11:00 a.m.), complete electronic registration.  Log into tabroom and follow instructions.
  • Sometime during the tournament, stop by the Barkley Forum office (Alumni Memorial University Center – formerly the DUC – suite 135) and pick up free water bottles for you and your students.

It is essential that everyone be checked in either in person or online by 11:00 Friday morning!

Emergency Contact Form

If you ARE coming to registration, please fill out this form now to save time at registration.  Otherwise, you will be required to complete it at registration. We realize you will not have hotel room numbers at his time; please just leave that field blank.

Judge Prefs/Strikes

Judge prefs are live in Pelham, and strikes are open in PF. LD prefs will go live soon.  They will close Friday morning at the close of registration.

Please remember that all judges need a tabroom account and technology. 


Please let us know if you have any special parking needs.  Please note: NO PARKING ON CAMPUS UNTIL 4:00 p.m. on Friday with the exception of Pelham Debate participants/judges, who will need to pay for parking. 

For your information, here is where each division will be centered with recommended parking deck for each:

Speech:  Claudia Nance Rollins (park in Michael Street deck)

LD:  Math/Science Building (park in Peavine deck) 

Public Forum: Emory Student Center gathering space, AMUC tab room (park in Peavine deck)

Congressional Debate: White Hall (park in Peavine deck)

Pelham: Goizueta (park in Fishburne deck; if that visitor’s lot is full, other paid visitor options available here:

Judges’ Lounges

There will be a judges’ lounge with coffee and snacks in 4 different locations:

Speech:  Claudia Nance Rollins Room 1036
LD and Congress:  Candler School of Theology Rita Anne Rollins Room 257
Pelham:  Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Room 136
Public Forum:  Barkley Forum office - Alumni Memorial University Center, Suite 135

Maps/Division Locations/Driving Directions

Visit for a detailed map with all the buildings for each division marked (under “info” on the right-hand side).  There are also driving directions to each of the parking decks available there.  Bus parking is adjacent to Glenn Memorial Church on Fishburne Drive. 

An interactive campus map is available here:

Some notes about building/rooms on campus:
+ In tabroom, Candler Lib is Candler Library, which is on the quad.  Candler Theo RARB is part of the Candler School of Theology and is the Rita Anne Rollins Building; it is on Dickey Drive.
+ ESC is the new Emory Student Center.  It is the large glass building on Asbury Circle. The “N” rooms (north) are on the side of the building farthest away from the main campus/quad. The “S” rooms (south) are on the side of the building closest to the main campus/quad.

+ The Barkley Forum office is in the Alumni Memorial University Center (630 Means Drive), Suite 135.
+ How to navigate the School of Medicine: If you are at the bottom of the “U” formed by the building, “A” rooms (for anatomy) are on your right, and “P” rooms (for physiology) are on the left. “B” is basement. For the safety of the medical students who have access to the space 24/7 as a study space, only one door will be open during the weekend – the one that faces the Woodruff Health Sciences building by the fountain (on the opposite side of the building than what looks like the main entrance).

Open House with Tabroom Creator

Chris Palmer, who runs our Lincoln Douglas division, will make himself available to answer questions or explain aspects of the tournament tabulation process during registration from 9:30-10:30 in the ballroom of the Marriott Century Center on 1/24. The goal is to make the back end of tournament administration less mystifying. There's no set agenda; bring your questions or things you'd like to be more familiar with, and he'll explain as best he can. We can cover aspects of tabbing in theory, such as how powermatching works or how tab rooms handle pref sheets; he can explain how to do things in practice using

Social Media

Follow and share on social media with #65thBFHS or #BFHS2020. 

+ Check out our Facebook page at Barkley Forum for Debate, Deliberation, and Dialogue.

On-campus Dining and Off-campus Food Options

Hours and options for on-campus dining are posted on tabroom.  Other hubs for food off campus are at Emory Pointe – up Clifton Road from the speech events – and Emory Village – out the front gates of the Emory Campus on Dowman Drive. 

Adults on Campus

If you haven't already, please email with the names of any adults who are traveling with your team and are not in the judge pool.

Hotel Reservations

Please make sure the person checking your team in knows whose name the hotel reservation is under.  The Marriott said they want to provide the best possible experience for their guests, and this issue has made the lines longer than they need to be in the past.  Thanks!  

We look forward to hosting you on campus! If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please let us know.

BFHS Staff



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