Bentonville Tigers Eye

2019 — Bentonville, AR/US
Subject Tournament Day Updates
Sender Rachel Mauchline
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Friday 4 October 2019 at 9:47 AM
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Good Morning,

It's Bentonville Tigers Eye! We are so excited to be hosting you all this weekend!! 

Couple of quick notes for everyone!

1) Please make sure you note our invitation in regards to bus drop off/pick up! We have multiple events occurring on our campus this weekend so we need to be sure that we make all these events a success. 

2) We are hosting throughout the South building only this year! This will make things substantially easier for the ease of the tournament and make sure we get ballots tabulated quickly

3) Extemp Draw is in 1705. 

4) Please look at the updated schedule on Tabroom! We are going to fast track events as possible in order to have a smooth tournament and early awards ceremony

5) If you have any changes or additions or questions, please call me at 4798779910 or email at I'll be messaging or calling each coach in order to get these changes confirmed quickly so we don't have last minute issues at registration.

6) Remember that Novice LD is doing the NOVICE Civil Disobedience Topic. Varsity LD is doing the VARSITY Standardized Test Topic. PF is a collapsed division. 

7) Please be sure that you go to registration when you arrive so we can provide you your invoice and registration confirmation.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration! We are so excited to be hosting you and looking forward to an amazing weekend of competition!

- Rachel Mauchline

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