Greenhill Fall Classic

2019 — Addison, TX/US
Subject Greenhill Fall Classic - 9/11/19
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Sent Wednesday 11 September 2019 at 12:22 AM
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Dear all,

We are looking forward to hosting everyone. To make this the best experience for all, please take a moment to read the following reminders regarding the Greenhill Fall Classic.

First – Students may not register themselves – Competitors need to have the responsible adult as described in the invitation/on tabroom with them at registration. All information for the responsible adult needs to be entered on tabroom before registration to allow the tabroom/tournament officials to contact them as needed for the duration of the tournament.

Second – Entourage Rule – Please make sure all individuals who are involved with the preparation and support of a student/team is entered in the judge pool. A reminder, we reserve the right to require teams/students to hire a judge if the adjudicators brought to the tournament by those teams/students, do not have the capacity to be used in a world of mutual preference judging.

Third – Designation of Conflicts – Please make sure to enter conflicts to allow teams to accurately engage in the process of mutual preference judging. To again reference our invitation, in the spirit of transparency, it is the affirmative obligation of all individuals who are coaching and/or sharing materials with other schools/debaters in private prep sharing arrangements to actively conflict themselves from judging those students/schools. Individuals found to have violated this norm will cause all individuals coached by those persons to have their judge preferences removed for the duration of the event. To be clear, debaters and program directors share in this expectation as well.

Fourth – An expectation of disclosure of materials/arguments used in debates exists at the Greenhill Fall Classic – Please make sure to have a wiki before you arrive, in addition to keeping up with disclosing materials after they are utilized in debates. Please be accurate in disclosing your materials.

Fifth – Fulbright Coaching Grant in Taiwan - The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (FSE) (Fulbright Taiwan) is now recruiting experienced debate coaches / trainers to serve as Fulbright grantees in Taiwan. The fellowship is administered by the Fulbright Foundation (see, through a competitive process soliciting applications from all over the United States, conducted by the Institute of International Education (IIE). The application deadline for the first two grantees (for 2020-21) is October 8, 2019.

Sixth – Judging on Monday - we need to know Monday availability/whether people are willing to be hired to judge on Monday. Please email Eric Forslund at if you are so interested.

Seventh – Judge information in Tabroom - All restrictions for the invitational (rounds, conflicts, etc) from the judge notes with be entered on Friday morning, so all coaches need to have that updated by then.

Eighth – Prefs – Preferences should be open by mid afternoon at the latest on 9/11/2019.

Ninth – BRING A WATER BOTTLE – It will be hot, please bring your own water bottle.

Finally- Registration will be Friday night at the Marriott. Please bring the money to pay fees at that time.


Aaron Timmons



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