Greenhill Fall Classic

2019 — Addison, TX/US
Subject Greenhill Fall Classic - Email - 9/4/19
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Sent Wednesday 4 September 2019 at 11:32 AM
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Hello all!

We are looking forward to hosting you all next week! A few bits of information to make the process easier for all of us moving forward.

First – Judging –

A - Please enter your judges within 48 hours if you have not already.

B - It is our expectation that all those who are employees of the school attending and/or involved in the preparation/support of a student competing, be in the judge pool. A tournament is only as good as its judging. If we find that a student/team/school has an individual(s) not in the pool, we will remove prefs from those debaters/teams. In the case of “prep groups” who use shared individuals, we will strongly consider removing prefs from anyone in the prep sharing group.

C – If you are willing to judge extra rounds past your commitment we will compensate you for those rounds. Policy judges please contact Eric Forslund at Lincoln Douglas and/or World Schools judges please contact me at

D – Conflicts – Don’t Play. Record the conflicts before prefs open.

Second – Hotel – The block is full. If you have rooms you plan to drop please let me know before you do as others may be able to use those rooms.

Third– Dietary restrictions - Please put that information into Tabroom within 24 hours for coaches or students with unique dietary needs.

Fourth – Modes of Communication – Respectfully submitted, please email our school addresses regarding tournament business. It is unreasonable to expect those hosting to look Facebook, Insta, Snapchat, text, g chat, etc for information regarding the tournament. That is especially true when the event starts. Tabroom is also a beautiful tool which can record notes about judging availability etc.

Finally – World Schools training – For those arriving early on Friday (or local schools) and are interested in World Schools, you are welcomed to join the USA Team for training at the Marriott Quorum. There will be two international coaches/judges onsite, as well as former members of the USA Debate Team that will assist with training. We do this a service to help with the understanding of World Schools in the US.


Aaron Timmons

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