Greenhill Fall Classic

2019 — Addison, TX/US
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Sender Aaron Timmons
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Sent Tuesday 27 August 2019 at 4:07 PM
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Hello all,

We are looking forward to hosting you at the Greenhill Fall Classic in a few weeks. I wanted to mention a few things to allow everyone to plan more effectively as we are all busy with the start of a new school year.

First – Please request a deletion of the hotel fee if you are staying at the Marriott Quorum ASAP by sending me an email to with the subject line, “please delete hotel fee for X school” if you have not already. School that indicate they are staying at the host hotel and opt to stay elsewhere to avoid the fee, will be asked to pay the fee at registration. We do not run the Fall Classic as a fundraiser (we can’t according to school policy), that said we run a quality event and just ask that to avoid an increase in fees, we utilize our host hotel as it allows us to house judges in comp rooms etc.

Second – Please begin/continue to enter judges. Please include any conflicts in the notes. We will hire those who are able to judge/wish to judge beyond their commitment. Also, the Greenhill Fall Classic prides itself on a pool of judging that is of the highest quality. Do not put people in the pool that you would not want judging your students. We reserve the right to ask you to hire in a world your judge cannot judge a required commitment based on MPJ. A gentle reminder regarding our entourage policy.

Third – Please address all questions regarding Policy Debate to Eric Forslund. Please address Lincoln Douglas and World Schools questions to Aaron Timmons.

Fourth – Fees. Please send in payment for fees ASAP.


Aaron Timmons

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