Alta Silver and Black Invitational

2019 — Sandy, Utah, UT/US
Subject *Important Pre-Tournament Information*
Sender Sydnie Schoepf
Recipients All Registered Schools With Entries
Sent Wednesday 4 December 2019 at 4:20 PM
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A few quick things to be aware of as we prepare to start Silver & Black tomorrow at Corner Canyon High School!

1) Reminder that prefs are due at NOON. Please check your prefs to make sure they're complete. We've had some judge drops/swaps and I want to make sure everyone has complete prefs.

2) Any drops of teams or judges needs to occur no later than 1pm. Pairings will be released for all events at 2:45pm. 

3) Registration check-in should happen online starting at noon, but this is ONLY for schools who have paid all fees and have accurate entries and judges. If you have any last minute payments or adjustments, come to Tabroom to get those issues handled. I will be available at Tabroom (the Alumni Room) by 2:30.

4) Please do not arrive any earlier than 2pm to Corner Canyon. All competitors should wait for the tournament to start in the cafeteria. Due to parking constraints, we would prefer you arrive after school ends at 2:25pm to ensure that you have a place to park, but I understand that some people intend to arrive earlier. 

5) Please make sure that if you have a student in need of a quiet place for prayer or meditation that we have set aside specific areas for this to be available. PA119 & PA120 are dressing rooms behind the stage with a side door accessibility and should provide a quiet place for those seeking solitude.  Transgender bathrooms are located at N114, PA103, and T107A. 

6) The food truck Fry Me to the Moon will be at Corner Canyon both Thursday and Friday nights to provide a dinner option for competitors. Corner Canyon's debate team will have other concessions for sale throughout the tournament. Coaches and judges can stop by the hospitality suite in the Atrium (next to Tabroom) for meals, including gluten free and vegan options. 

Thank you! See you tomorrow!!


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